• 24th April 2017

Products from the Movies, Games and TV Shows

Products from the Movies, Games and TV Shows

Products from the Movies, Games and TV Shows 1024 384 79DESIGN Ltd

What a busy week we have had.  We have been in the middle of developing something really exciting for a client of ours.  They sell products that similar or ‘versions of’ products seen in big movies, TV Shows and even video games.

We had the idea of promoting these products *to* the production companies, but then we added a twist on that; let consumers buy the products (or their versions of them) so they can play what they seen in the entertainment industry, in the garden or elsewhere.

video game props

The idea came partly from the initial idea for production companies, then our director, Simon, had the idea from his own collection of memorablia.

“I have a few items of clothing, including actually the sunglasses that Horatio Caine wears in CSI Miami – that he famously keeps taking on and off during scenes.  How great would it be for our client to be able to offer their versions of products to customers who want what they see in these shows”.

csi sunglasses

Horatio Caine, with Director, Simon’s sunglasses below.

So that’s precisely what we did.  For this custom website, we first created the admin area for administrator to create the movie, game or TV Show, upload a banner for it, select what genre of entertainment it is, and give it a title.  Then assign each product that is sold on the website, to that title.

If the product is discounted or has other features we show on the ‘thumbnail’ pages, these will appear as well; voila, you have products from the shows.  It works brilliantly.  Customers can even filter on Games, TV Shows, Movies, so if there are dozens and dozens of them on the system, and they just want to see the games, they can.

We will be developing this more, so for example, you might want to search for a show.

While developing this, we also vastly upgraded their top area where the menu resides.  We use to have a search link that went to the search page.  With contact details top left, and some social media top right.  Now, it’s so much better and easier to use.  There is a search form at the top middle where it is on most commerce websites, so users can go straight in to find their products.

This is now being rolled out on their various other websites in the company’s group.

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