• 9th May 2018

GoDaddy/Wix Website Builder or Hire a Designer?

all you need to know, to make the right choice

GoDaddy/Wix Website Builder or Hire a Designer?

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We all want a really good deal.  We all want to pay the least, for the best option.  When this is down to websites, the cheapest option can cause you more harm than good.

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What is a website builder?

A website builder is where you buy an account with a company like GoDaddy or similar, and begin to build the website.   It’s quite straight forward, but it has a few major drawbacks.

  1. it won’t be SEO optimised, because YOU are doing the job, you don’t know what the right SEO HTML code is to add.  It won’t “make it right”, unless you add it right.
  2. they may support you to help you make things happen, but are unlikely to help you to get something exactly right.  GoDaddy are not website designers.  They are predominately website hosts, and not bad ones (though their support can be shaky in our experience).
  3. what’s it like on a phone – can you adjust phone layouts?  No.  You are get what you are given.  So if you want to make something look better or adjust things, you probably cannot do this.

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Is GoDaddy or Yell a good place for a Website Builder?

As website builders go, yes.   If that is what you want.  But we have taken on websites that were with these companies, and turned them into something very special.

If we have access to your website through these tools, we might be able to fix things, such as SEO, but chances are it won’t be nearly as good as if we built it with WordPress, and managed it for you.  If we did this, you would have a stella website, and it will look and feel genius!

wix website builder review

Is Wix website builder ok?

Much like the others, this is a tool to build your own website, though Wix is free; though it is free because it has lots of adverts, which distract your readers.

As a company that helps customers fix the SEO problems within their website, Wix is a bit of a problem to us, as usually the code is hidden.  So no way to check for the correct HTML code that Google reads.  If you just want a little website for friends to look at and being found on Google and others isn’t really that important, then go for it.  It’s a good choice.

But… if you then want to design things very particularly, and look at it on a phone and make amendments and you are picky, then Wix is not the way to go.

For more details on Wix Websites, and how we can help, visit our main Wix Websites page.

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You get what you pay for…

This is true in so many parts of one’s life, and it’s no different with your website.  You want it to be found on Google.  You might want to tweak the gaps between promotions to your specification.  Perhaps adding a row below the block of text with some photos and buttons.

Maybe the odd ‘parallax’ image if you are feeling fancy.

Add a Blog and place it anywhere within your website.  Put a blog of just relevant categories on a particular page of your website.

Alter the colouring of mobile features, so it looks stunning for mobile cellphone users.

Have a chat on the phone or meeting face to face, go through all the features you want pages you want, ask if it could do a, b and c, and state things you do not want.  This is all part of the exciting experience with a website designer at your disposal.

If it’s done using a Website Builder, sadly it’s not possible.  Our WordPress support won’t be there; and while the design maybe an “it will do us” experience, we just don’t like that term here at 79DESIGN, the UK WordPress Agency.

We like “gosh that’s perfect, we love it”.

So if you want a fully experience WordPress website designer company to fix your website’s SEO, or to build you a brand new website design, get in touch.




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