• 2nd July 2014

Ceramica and Stone Mobile gets better

Ceramica and Stone Mobile gets better

Ceramica and Stone Mobile gets better 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd


Last month, with guidance and feedback from the team at Ceramica and Stone in Henley, we completed a total overhaul of their mobile site platform.

  • This included:
  • new menus
  • new logo
  • menu animation to improve look and feel of sub pages
  • product page updates
  • new scroller at the top of each page for highlighted products

It went live just this week, and already looks fabulous.

Visit https://www.ceramicaandstone.co.uk from your smartphone, and choose ‘mobile’ to see the brand new look.

Update 2020: this upgrade was a startling change.  We had to reskin their site completely.  Just saying we changed the menus, is a little low on detail.  We had to spent about a day looking at better ways to animate it to ‘appear’ on screen; something we take for granted nowadays.  We tested this on multiple mobile devices to get the look just right.  This was before the bigger Smartphones were out.

Nowadays their website is responsive, so it just alters on screen depending on the device width.

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