• 29th April 2021

Why our websites are always SSL

Why our websites are always SSL

Why our websites are always SSL 1024 494 79DESIGN Ltd

Have you ever seen a website asking you to submit information that is insecure – minus the https?

If you have, steer clear….  This article is about SSL, secure sites, and why we always do SSL.  The importance of security.

So what is an SSL website – it’s pretty commonplace nowadays, but it’s “Secure Socket Layer”, meaning, when you post content on a form, it is encrypted between you and the website server.  So whatever you send, is safe.

Security is priority for Recruitment Websites

Ever seen a recruitment website asking you to submit info, that was HTTP?  We have.  It’s scary.  Particularly as SSL is so easy to run these days.  100% of our websites are HTTPS, even if they don’t have a contact form (some don’t).

There was a time when only ECommerce Website Design was performed with HTTPS, because of banking and card details, but if it was not a shop, it wasn’t considered important.  Today, it is, 100% important.  With hacking and security out there in a prevalent way, if you are not HTTPS, you are seriously missing a trick!

Migration from them to us…

We can even migrate your site to our hosting, and make it SSL immediately, with no extra costs for the security.  It’s just standard, so when we see new websites that are not HTTP, we question the hosting quality.  We also wonder if they are getting the best WordPress Support available, as that would pickup if a site is secure or not, and ensure it was using https.

wordpress support services

Part of our WordPress Support ensure your site is secure, not just in HTTPS security, but also against hacking and bad traffic.  How often do you get hits to your site where someone tries and tries and tries to login?  No idea probably.  We can easily tell you, with a free tool.  And we can tell you where the traffic is coming from (usually the far east).

So when you next check your website, see if it is secure.  Look for the ‘bolt’.  If it is missing, and it’s http://www… then get in touch with us.  We can sort it out for you.  Or just ask your host or designer “why on earth am I not secure??”.

We are here ready to make your business work much better online with a better look, better feel…. better support.

Try the 79DESIGN way.  We think you will love it.  SSL – On.

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