• 30th December 2015

Add Livechat to your website

Add Livechat to your website

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Customers like to contact you via online livechat, chat systems.  Meaning no need to pick up the phone, or email.  They can just type into the box and have a conversation with you, instantly.  It’s the new norm!

Hey we have it – let’s chat

We have this on our website.  If you have a website with us, or you are considering having your web site upgraded to something more improved, and managed by a Spalding based company who really cares, considering having Livechat added.

Have Livechat installed in your website

It’s easy to install, costs nothing per month to have it, and means a member of your staff can monitor it and respond to new and existing customers.


A Livechat service can bring a lot of credibility to your web site, as customers can just write to you instantly.  And it can be upgraded to allow more staff to run it, and let customers leave messages.  We can install it all for you on your next website.  We can do things like Triggers, that alerts the customer about a particular offer or request, if they are on a particular page.  It’s all free for you to play with, and setup.  We only charge to set it up for you, then it’s free.

You can also download the FREE App to monitor it on your mobile device.  See where the person is from (without accuracy reasons… town etc).  Block them if they become a nuisance, add notes, upload files to them, and so much more.  Visit our Livechat page for details.

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