• 16th July 2021

A day in the life with WordPress

Living with WordPress, as a design agency

A day in the life with WordPress

A day in the life with WordPress 1024 620 79DESIGN Ltd

As you can possibly imagine, a WordPress web designer has quite a number of tasks to perform each day, but did you know how many?

It’s not just a bit of coding or layouts, but much more.  This is a day in the life with WordPress, on Monday of this week (note the day of this blog).

A Charity needing a little WordPress kindness

It started with us prepping to go see a Charity about their WordPress website, an existing client that we only just found out the week before was a Charity.  We provide Free Website hosting for UK registered Charities. When their website was first updated by us, there was no mention of this, and they were paying (cheap fees) for hosting, but the speed of it is not so good.  When we chatted with Sharon, she told us they were registered and this changed everything.

charity website designThey needed to be able to upload a huge amount of content, such as 100mb+ files, and as such, we had the 100% perfect solution: free hosting, for up to 25GB.  If it goes beyond that, then alas we will have to charge.  So on the Monday we prepped for it and in glorious warm sunshine, went over to see them in town.  Had a great meeting, and discussed WordPress Website Support as well, to keep the system updated ongoing.

Positive energy, and onto London

After a great and positive meeting we got back and started the tweaking on a client’s Jewellery website, then are in London.  They came to us looking for a WordPress Agency ecommerce solution, and somehow found us here in Lincolnshire.  Lovely lady called Serena.  We were editing her logo, getting the branding right for her website with the correct pink and other colours.  WordPress, and in particular a good theme, means you can do so much in the layout.  Gone are the days of Template Restriction.  We can do practically anything now, and it’s not difficult either, with the right, user-friendly theme.

uk wordpress agency specialist

Later in the afternoon we had a Livechat ping up from yet another Charity needing help with their website, from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.  They too were ‘registered’ but paying for their hosting, but needing some WordPress Training as well, to learn how to use their site a little better.  This with the view to move hosting and getting better support too.  Literally a week later from that (next Monday) we are going to spend the afternoon with them to go through it.

Events – so easy with WordPress

To end the day we had a phone call from an Event Management company near Lincoln wanting their SEO to be sorted out.  The issue was that their theme was terribly restrictive causing all manner of SEO problems.  These were not issues we could easily resolve, and they were applying for a Grant, so they decided on getting the site redesigned.   After a great chat with them, we submitted a proposal the same day ( as they were restricted on time ) so they could submit this in time.  Fingers crossed!   It’s a great business, and they work in Archery, Airsoft and other such outdoor sports.  They needed a lovely Events Calendar, plus the means to drag and drop features to their website; everything a WordPress Website Designer can do!

A day can be 100% designing one single website, or it can be a multitude of things – that Monday was extremely varied.  In fact Wednesday was pretty varied too, but that’s another story….

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