• 7th February 2020

What makes it a better service?

What makes it a better service?

What makes it a better service? 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

How difficult really is it to respond to a client’s messages or their team’s messages within a reasonable space of time?

It’s a question we asked today when working for a number of clients in London who had different people doing different things for them, but all liaising through us at 79DESIGN.  One was sending us the content for a new website, and almost two weeks on, the content isn’t through.  And they have it.  Just haven’t sent.

The other is more about access to things.  It’s a frustrating time as we provide our clients with a top quality service, but we are held back by other people.  It’s not a place we like to be.

Thankfully our two clients love us – in fact one said to us today “we love you, cannot wait to get it all with you guys”.  Thanks to Mehran for his kind words.  We do take these deeply as well.

Outstanding website design service levels

We feel our service at an outstanding at all times.  Your emailed issues are normally handled really quickly; we can provide rollbacks on websites within 10 minutes of a crash.  Thankfully in our existence of 10 years, that has only had to happen once!  But again, within about 10-20 minutes of the report, their site was back.  They caused the issue by updating their site without testing.

Fast Email Account Setups

We can setup business email accounts for any client in rapid time – and when we say ‘rapid’ we mean it.  It takes about 2 minutes to create an email account, and bang, you are in.  Job done.  Our clients are amazed at the speed that something like that can take.

business email hosting

If your site has issues to which we need to access the server, it’s very easy for us to provide such support as we have fantastic ‘back end’ access to fix issues.

The point here is that our level of service means we can help with virtually all angles of your digital service, and we do it within the same day; often with the same hour.  We don’t like being let down by people, so we too dislike letting down our clients.

You want to know that if you email us at 3pm, you will hear back by about 3.30pm.  But often it’s within minutes.  We properly, seriously pride ourselves in this respect.

Our of our digital partners has a similar speed of response, and we take the queue from them.  “Provide the best in service quality, and your clients will enjoy your service”.  Too true.

So if you are with a website company that isn’t pulling their weight, or the service just isn’t great for you generally, don’t fret.  Give us a ring, tell us the issues and let’s see if we can resolve it all for you.


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