• 12th April 2016

WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes

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We are often asked about WordPress themes, how they work, if we can help install them for a client, what you need a website designer for, when you can buy themes.

The answer is fairly straightforward.  A theme is like a “skin”, like the shell of the website.  You already might have the database, the content etc, and it might be with WordPress.  Then we agree on which theme you would like, whether than be a free one, or a theme you pay for (normally £30-£70 for a theme).

Then we install it, and we know how to programme it to make it look how you want it to be, including the colour scheme, the fonts, and imagery.

A WordPress theme comes with default colours and fonts, but they are sometimes very easy to change, as the theme can provide some great tool with which to alter them.  But rather too often, they don’t, and you need us to enter ‘code’ to make colours just right – this is where the hard work comes in.

We check it looks right on a mobile device as well, we add the widgets the theme comes with as well as those it might not include.  Be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletter, SEO Yoast, and so on.

We work hard to make sure it looks really good.  So that the logo fits just right.  We just don’t get the theme, install, and that’s it.  We put in the hard work for you.

Above, when you chose 79DESIGN, you are in a very comfortable position.  With the knowledge that we will take care of you, and make your WordPress theme just perfect for you and your company.


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