• 26th November 2016

When did you last Blog about your Company?

When did you last Blog about your Company?

When did you last Blog about your Company? 1024 332 79DESIGN Ltd

Something we rave on about is Blogging, and how important it is.  It gets your keywords out there, it updates your sitemap so Google crawls your site, and increases the size of your website which is also great for SEO.

But if you haven’t blogged in say, six months, Google will not likely crawl your site too often, as it sees very little changes to your website.

The more often you blog, or more often something changes to the structure of your site, the more regularly Google’s (and others) crawlers will scan your site.  It’s a fact of life on the web nowadays.

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What makes a good Blog?

Some decent content about your company.  Something informative, and that will grab a reader’s attention.  An image or two that has the appropriate keywords attached to them, correct header titles and so on.  A lot going into a really good blog, specially if it is designed mostly for SEO purposes.

We provide Blog Management services and can do as part of our WordPress Support packages.  They are tailored to provide more than just “a bit of plugin updating”.  We can incorporate multi services into it,  as it is a tailored package for you.

If you need help, want us to make your ‘copy’ into a proper Blog Post, get in touch . We will be glad to help.

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