• 17th July 2018

What is your Google Ranking like?

What is your Google Ranking like?

What is your Google Ranking like? 600 337 79DESIGN Ltd

You are likely to be reading this page either because your website ranks badly within Google Ranking, or because that term has attracted you to see how you can improve or make your website more solid.

Or maybe we are wrong and it’s none of those.  Well, let’s go down the route of your website is not performing so well, and you want your Google Ranking position to be higher.  If this is the case, you have come to the right website – the right company in fact!

At 79DESIGN we specialise in Local Search Ranking Results: meaning if you are in a local area and you want to rank better for that area, we can help you.  Put it this way – if we can be number one on Google (usually we might add!) for “Lincolnshire Web“, then we can do it for your business terms.  It just takes time.

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Our first task would be to see how your website is setup.  It may have a load of fundamental problems which are causing it to rank really badly.  These can be resolved usually within your existing website setup.  However there are times when it cannot.

For example, there might be programming code within your pages that we cannot strip out, thus causing a fix to be impossible within your existing site’s setup.

Plan B: rebuild your website to something up to date, with exceedingly better coding.

We have done this on many an occasion, and even worked with some larger SEO corporations to work on client’s websites, taking instruction and raising their level to number one on Google.

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So if your website is not going so well, and business is through word of mouth – not through Google traffic – look no further than 79DESIGN for your SEO Service.  Equally if your website is currently built with WordPress, then we can help directly with WordPress SEO as well.  Just give us a call, email or, or use the livechat in the lower right corner.  We don’t do “sales pitches”.  We listen to your issues, look at your website, and make suggestions on how we can work with you to make your business better.

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