• 26th October 2017

Is your Shop on Google Merchant Products?

Is your Shop on Google Merchant Products?

Is your Shop on Google Merchant Products? 1024 465 79DESIGN Ltd

A growing trend for online shopping now is to first look on Google Products, or the Google “Shopping” tab.  It’s perceived that this is where many deals will be, and give you a good gauge of pricing for what you are looking to purchase.

It use to be a little bit complicated to get products on there, but now, it’s easier.  With our tools on our ecommerce websites, we can make your products appear on Google Shopping, in days.

google products upload lincolnshireWith a simple Google Account, you can see the products that are Active on your account, and each day, if you had more products or edit editing prices, they will change ‘live’ on Google Shopping.  In essence, it will synchronize with Google Products!

This works only when your website is an e-commerce website, as the Feed uses the ‘commerce’ side of the website to generate the right information to pass to Google.  We can enable this on most WordPress websites for you.  If yours is not WordPress, get in touch and we will take you to that next level in Consumer Satisfaction!

Visit our ECommerce Shop Websites page for information on getting an Ecommerce website, or upgrading your site to a far superior experience.

This does require you to have an Adwords account, as it’s on a pay per click format.


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