• 18th July 2016

Resounding Success following Revamp

Resounding Success following Revamp

Resounding Success following Revamp 800 392 79DESIGN Ltd

In the last few months we have been working hard on some new systems, and one now has enabled us to do a JBBG revamp for Just BB Guns.

We were working on a new platform for a brand new website when the design captured their attention, to the point that they wanted to use it on JBBG’s website first!  So we started…. and the results are outstanding.  To quote their warehousing staff, they are “overwhelmed” by the look of it.

Their customers appear to be rather overwhelmed too, with positive feedback flooding into their support lines.

It used to be a fixed width website, with a mobile format, a background image, with a dropdown menu that was fixed within the body of the page.  The concentration was on color, and designs.

JBBG Revamp with 79DESIGN goes Widescreen!

But now, it’s a full widescreen experience, with ‘products’ being the foremost part of the design.  Far improved use of images and banners, improved responsiveness even for tablets and smaller tablets, and the mobile experience is improved as well.  No detail has been left unchecked.  Even down to the smaller tablet sizes.  This is a fully customized website using our own hand-written template.

new justbbguns website launched

Just BB Guns Logo

It’s a huge step forward with the JBBG revamp.  While it has made the website much more modern, it has also made is load faster, with lower homepage resources needed.  Images load when the page shows them (ie. it does not use device bandwidth to load product images that are not showing on screen until you scroll down to them), speeding up the user experience even further.  The options for the customer to select additional accessories has been made more intuitive and “fun”.  The font styling has been altered, and certain ‘feedback’ responses have been added to make the overall experience far superior.

Even the user comments and star ratings have been given a bit of a kick into shape!

Just BB Guns brand remains strong through expert website coding

The brand remains strong, but it’s now clearer, fresher, and the information provided is much easier to read.  Videos are easier to find, and the galleries are also better on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Just BB Guns has many websites as it is a global company, and we feel certain that this new JBBG revamp will be rolled out, in time, over the other countries quite soon.

To visit their website, please visit www.justbbguns.co.uk.  If you would like something similar, please do get in touch with us.  We are now working on the Group’s other websites too.  Exciting times.

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