• 20th February 2016

Proudly working alongside Jerry Harrall

Proudly working alongside Jerry Harrall

Proudly working alongside Jerry Harrall 1024 549 79DESIGN Ltd

We have recently been doing a little bit of work with Jeremy Harrall, known to his friends as Jerry, on his social media and blogging. Jerry had a requirement to boost blogging performance, while broadcasting through his Linked In and Twitter profiles.

Jeremy Harrall: website

Simon, Director at 79DESIGN, has known Jerry for a long time. Jerry approached him and are working very well together. You can find Jerry’s website at www.drharrall.com.

jeremy harrall photograph

Jerry Harrall – architect eco-housing

Jerry Harrall is an architect of of long standing, and is highly admired in the industry, most notable for his eco-housing projects, including his own home he had built in the Lincolnshire area.

Jerry had some evening WordPress training in blogging some months ago with us, but this has now progressed onto 79DESIGN managing his blogs, scheduling, and ensuring they are fully SEO’d. If this is of interest to you, please visit our WordPress Training page, or Social Media Management page.

Correctly assigned Country tags

The other thing we discovered was that the country tags on his website were incorrectly set. This can have a major impact on a website. All to often, sites that are built from template systems (like Yell or Wix) can have the wrong country set to them (among a ton of other incorrect SEO tags like multiple H1 heading titles …. sorry we are getting a little techy here…), meaning Google UK won’t rank you terribly high if you aren’t inviting a UK audience to view your website. Now that we have made these changes, we sense a significant change in the very near future for his website. While we didn’t produce his website, we are proud to have Jerry as one of our valued clients.

If you would like to follow Jerry on Twitter, he is @drharrall. His LinkedIn is Jeremy Harrall. If you do get in touch with Jerry, tell him we said “hi”.

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