• 16th December 2015

Price Slider website – changing price range

Price Slider website – changing price range

Price Slider website – changing price range 1024 341 79DESIGN Ltd

We have seen websites where you can search for products, and then select £10-£30, or perhaps move a ‘slider’ to go “up to £30”.  We wanted to develop and administer our own new price slider website tool – and we have done it.

The customer focus on this is the primary role – customers visit a category type page and need to narrow down what it is they are looking for; the price is a key factor there.  They might not want to see all products from the lowest price to the highest.  We looked for a tool that we could develop to our own 79DESIGN standards.

It took some finding, but we have developed this new tool that we can implement on virtually any custom website we build, that lets you go to a category page, search page, specific page (ie, price drop deals), and then select what pricing you want to view – the Minimum and Maximum price!

So you search for “white shirt”, and up comes 20 pages of shirts, from £7.99 thru to £199.99.  To avoid going through page after page, just move that left slide along to £30, and the right slide along to maybe £40… ‘Update’, and hey presto, you have all the white shirts from £30-£40.

price slider website

Powerful price slider website tool transforms experience

It’s such a powerful new tool, that we are now rolling it out to many of our web sites (starting in January 2016).  We feel that this new price slider website tool will help transform the feedback on the websites we manage, for customers looking for products in their price range.  Just move that slide along and tell the web site what your price is.  A brilliant tool, and one we can customise for the look and feel of each website that uses it.

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