• 2nd October 2015

Online Shop website

Online Shop website

Online Shop website 800 392 79DESIGN Ltd

Some of our most major clients have an online shop website – they are easy for the administrators to operate, and this week we have been developing them further to enable Special Offers.

Something as easy as being able to schedule special offers, titles, custom banners and to set when the offer starts and ends.  We were able to create this tool within one day.  The output that the customer sees is fully mobile responsive, and very easy to choose when they add items to a basket.  Sadly this is not a WordPress feature, as it was built from scratch for a custom web site, but this also meant we could make it look exactly how the client, Mark, wanted it.  He said when he saw it on an iphone6 Plus, it’s “awesome”.

we love a challenge with an online shop website

online shopsIn many of our blog posts, we have said this before – but it’s true.  We do enjoy a “now I don’t know if this is possible, but can you…?”…. challenge, and today we cracked it with that online shop web site.   Some challenges do of course take a little longer, and often have to be highly thought out.   In the next few days we are also looking at leadership systems, and other fully custom tools for our clients.

Custom tools means we can tweak them to be precisely….

a) how the client wants them and;

b) how we want and know they can be for the client and their customers.

We love it.  We grow.  We improve each day.  Our online shop websites just get better and better.

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