• 3rd April 2020

Launching Website Financing

Launching Website Financing

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During these difficult times we have been trying to think of ways we can help clients get the website they want, and perhaps really need, while keeping their costs down.

Financing your new website

Let’s take an example: You want a website with various pages, forms and information, and the cost is around £750, but at this time it’s too much to pay out in one two – or even two goes.  So you think, no I’ll do it in a few months when all this has quietened down a bit.

We wanted to help, and as such we have come up with Website Financing.  This where as it sounds: you pay for your new website over a period of up to 10 months.  So how does it all work?

It happens at Quotation

When you request a quotation, just let us know if you are keen to use Website Financing, and we will include this in the quotation.  The standard pricing will be calculated, plus the 6 and 10 month payment options.

We have a new page on our website for Website Design on Finance, where we have this information in a little more detail, including all important Terms and Conditions.

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Get your Website on Finance today!

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