• 9th August 2017

iPhone Support includes Video Demo

iPhone Support includes Video Demo

iPhone Support includes Video Demo 950 539 79DESIGN Ltd

As part of our Home PC Computer Support service, to clients with whom we have had consultations, and for those wishing to see demonstrations of a “how to” on their iPhone, we can now send them video demonstrations, with audio descriptions.

Often we describe how to do something, but it’s far easier if you can see how it’s done.  Such as deleting an app, moving an icon, how to add bookmarks in Safari, and so on.

iPhone support SpaldingA very personal iPhone support service in Spalding

For those wishing to receive that extra bit of support, for a small fee, we can produce a video on one of our iPhones, to demonstrate how to do something, and talk you through it.  So you open the download on your phone, watch the video and …. “ahhh that’s how it is done, and they recorded that just for me”.

We feel Home Computer Support isn’t just about turning up and fixing.  It’s about sitting with you, guiding you through something, checking you can do it a few times, so we leave you inspired, knowing something new.

When it comes to Apple’s iPhone, they are very intuitive, but even then, some folks are unsure how to make it do easy things.

79DESIGN shows you how, with iPhone Support Service

Our personal consultation support will get you there.  Don’t hesitate to contact us through Livechat, email, or call us.  We are always here, ready to help.  Or pop round one evening to show you, at a time convenient for yourself.

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