• 14th March 2016

How do I build a WordPress website?

How do I build a WordPress website?

How do I build a WordPress website? 1024 576 79DESIGN Ltd

One of the fastest ways to get a website created is using WordPress – and we are a WordPress Agency, so you have come to the right place.  We use it extensively.  It means there is less time for a developer to “tune” the website to your particular colouring and layout, so the cost to have someone create it for you is much less.  It also means your website is most likely going to be responsive – looks great on a smartphone!

We use various WordPress themes, each theme can be customized to suit your brand and colour scheme requirements, or we can adjust the code to make it even more suitable, where the theme doesn’t allow.  We are quite smart you know!

Because it is WordPress, we make it responsive for you – so your next website doesn’t look like the Purple X version below, but the Green Tick version – smart, easy to use, and fabulous for your customers to view.  We aren’t lazy, making your customers zoom to view.  That’s just not nice.

mobile friendly web site

Can I use a WordPress website for blogging?

Banners and imagery can all be added, along with your social media in the side of the website or in the footer.  Because it is WordPress, it makes Blogging so easily as well.

WordPress was originally created for Blogging purposes, but now it’s used for every possible website you can imagine!

We really enjoy working with WordPress, and we build websites using it for you, at your budgetary requirements.  The system is installed on your hosting server, and then accounts created, and the design built.

Can you teach me to use WordPress?

Absolutely – yes – we call it WordPress Training.  We can sit down with you to show you how to add Pages and Blog Posts.  What we don’t do, is spend hours showing you every step to create the website – that’s our job.  But once it’s made we show you around, hopefully not blinding you with science, and if you are interested, show you more in-depth fun stuff the website does.

So – you have heard of WordPress websites.  You need one.  You want a website on a budget, or NOT on a budget, but very smart, but not too pricey – we are in the right place!  Click the contact button at the top, use the Livechat in the bottom of the page, or give us a call.

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