• 12th January 2018

Foreign Language WordPress Websites

Foreign Language WordPress Websites

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It’s been one of those busy weeks where we have been doing new things – including a WordPress websites to cater for multiple foreign languages.

One of our clients has a global brand, and they have had websites in Germany, Spain, Italy and France, but we are now developing one complete site for them, that encompasses all those countries in one multi-language website.

It uses a tool that creates foreign language URLs to cater for German (de), France (fr), Spain (es) and Italy (it).  It will be optimised for search engines in the various countries, so that it should, with a lot of work and time, show up well in their respective locations.

“Bonjour WordPress”

Much of the work is dynamic, meaning we don’t need to add any foreign language wording, but a lot of it does need adding, such as Titles to side bar tools, Categories, and certain product title terms (small, medium, black, blue, etc).

It’s an exciting time, but one we are turning around at some speed as well.  The domain was bought for it, and within 2 days the site was up in a ‘coming soon’ mode, and is now being developed.

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Stock Synchronisation

The other special feature of it, is that it will use stock from one central source, and if the stock level of that website drops, the stock level of all four countries will also drop (or rise as well).  It makes running this global website, a much easy task.

As a UK WordPress Agency we created with WordPress, and a number of other plugins and tools to make it quite magical, and easy for the owners to manage it.

Foreign Website Translation

One of the big tasks in this was to convert the text.  Woocommerce has some easy methods for doing this, as certain plugins have the translated text built in.  But we have spent quite a large number of hours translating what is not included.  It’s a lot of work, but means the customer experience is fairly seamless.

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