• 27th July 2018

The Difference between us and GoDaddy – the website builder

The Difference between us and GoDaddy – the website builder

The Difference between us and GoDaddy – the website builder 900 500 79DESIGN Ltd

godaddy website builderYou want a website, you’ve seen the TV ads, and your instinct is Web Builder, cheap, very little per month, and you can do it yourself.  You can create a little account, get started.  Add images and text and away you go.  Pretty soon you will be on Google as that’s what you are told will happen.

Build a website with GoDaddy – yes sounds great.  It kind of is….. unless you are SERIOUS about getting on Google.  Seriously about climbing the ranks, and serious about it being done properly.

Website Builder – knowing the tag options

You see, when you build a website with GoDaddy, the issue is that you don’t know what the dropdown options mean.  For example, you might see H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, Paragraph and so on.  But what do they mean, and how do they play a part in your appearance on Google – after all, is that not the point?  To be found!

So you select H1 and the text is nice a big.  Perfect.  Let’s add another.  Further down, yes add another as the size of that text is great.  But you are unaware of what they might actually mean – what is a H1 – just a font size?  No.

This is where a professional website designer pays off

We know what those entries mean, how they affect your Google ranking.  After many years in the business you get to know these things.  But if you are just starting out and using a ‘Website Builder’, sorry to sound a bit off, you frankly you won’t know.  There is no reason for you to know.

submitting website to Google

Won’t it be submitted to Google anyway by GoDaddy?

Nope.  It won’t.  The only way to do that is manually adding it to an account with Google, otherwise, it will take a lot longer for Google to even know you exist!  This is not a Sales Pitch, it’s the truth about getting online with a website.

Part of our service is submitting you formally to Google.  There are a few areas we do this, and it’s part of our core service to you.

“But it’s cheap, isn’t that better for my business?”

Yes.  Cheap is good.  But we heard a saying many moons ago: “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”.  If you buy a cheap shirt, a really cheap shirt, and use it a lot, it will look tiresome quickly.  It might not wash too well.  Before you know it, it’s looking worse for wear and you might consider a new one.

But had to bought a better quality one, maybe for a higher cost, it could last you years.  Same with a website.  If you go  for a cheap website design and hosting, it probably won’t go to Google.  You have to *know and understand* all the SEO techniques needed to make your site rank well.  Your service level with your host might not be up to par.  If you want to email them a question, will it take a few hours, or several days to get a reply?

godaddy logo

This is not just about GoDaddy

We are not slating GoDaddy or other Website Builder websites.  They do have their place.  But we are saying if you want a really good service level, fast response from support, a website that is sent to Google, and correctly coded from the start, then doing it yourself is a bad idea.  Get an expert in.  ‘Hire a firm’ as some might say.  Do it properly.

Get the best support, the best HTTPS hosting, mobile friendly website, that is been done correctly, LOCALLY, here in Lincolnshire (unless of course you are reading this elsewhere, like USA where a lot of our traffic has been coming from lately), and do it right.

We are here to help.  Here to host.  Here to design and build.

Let’s do it together.  Call 01775 894479.  Let’s go….

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