• 29th June 2016

Want to comment on our Posts?

Want to comment on our Posts?

Want to comment on our Posts? 1024 383 79DESIGN Ltd

We have had requests from various folks in Lincolnshire (and other parts) that they would like to be able to comment on our Posts here in our Blog.  In the past we have not enabled it as we suffered from terrible spam issues through comments.

But now, we think we might have cracked it.  To comment on here, you must register, and there is a little Google tickbox to confirm that you are indeed a real person!  But don’t fear, you are not sending any information to them.  It’s purely a “double check” that something is ticked, and away you go and tell us what you think.

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Register with us today to comment on our posts

So register with us, and send us your comments.  We’d really like to hear from you, to hear your thoughts on what has been said, and if we can, we will blog in future with information you may even request.

It’s all about hearing your views on our posts, and perhaps something that you want on your website is mentioned in a post on here.  We have talked about social media, SEO, headers, images, videos, responsiveness and the importance on today’s websites; so many things.  So if you need to know something, or you feel us broadcasting it would help, don’t hesitate.  Register today, using the link below, and post your comment on here.

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