• 1st September 2014

Ceramica & Stone samples improved

Ceramica & Stone samples improved

Ceramica & Stone samples improved 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Ceramica and Stone’s sample ordering process has been dramatically upgraded. No longer do you need to register to add to cart – just add what you want, then login or pop in your delivery information and the team will do the rest.

Far better system. Took some hard work, and as Steve at C&S said, “we knew you’d get there”.

Proud day!
Samples Selection page at Ceramica and Stone

Update 2020: This ordering process was huge for us.  We had built the system already, but they had seen a tool on a competitors website that did it quicker.  We were asked to make it work in a similar way, so through the course of a week’s efforts, we made it happen.  Their Bespoke Website had a brand new Samples Ordering system that worked brilliantly.  Admins could see Sample Requests come in, and they could process them, and even mark when the customer had been ‘called back’.


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