• 2nd November 2017

Calculate the cost of your next website

Calculate the cost of your next website

Calculate the cost of your next website 1024 449 79DESIGN Ltd

Have you ever wanted to calculate how much your new website will be, before even discussing it with a designer?
We now offer the ability to do just that.

How much is my website going to cost?

If you visit our Quotation Builder, you can now tell us:

  • if it is a holding page, or a full-scale website
  • how many pages you think you need
  • if you want us to make you a company logo
  • create your social media accounts
  • …manage them
  • and even if it is an online eCommerce shop.

Give us as much information as you can.  Then tell us your desired budget (if you want to), preferred commencement date, and a deadline if you have one.  Then submit this information to us, and we will return you with a proposal based on your individual factors.

Everyone is different!

lincolnshire website cost quotationWebsite Pricematch

What if the quotation is higher than your budget?  We are very flexible.  The price quoted is just that – an estimated quotation.  We can chat with you and come to a price that meets your budget, and then get started on your website really quickly.

It’s a brilliant new way to get your website up and running quickly, and within a price that you are happy with – rather than a fixed price you see online somewhere which isn’t tailored to your needs.

For example – you might not care about someone creating your social media account, or you might want 7 pages, and not pay for 10!  That’s where this tool is genius.

Visit the Quotation Builder here.

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