• 6th June 2018

Web Chat with us today!

Want a little help from your local friends?

Web Chat with us today!

Web Chat with us today! 1024 516 79DESIGN Ltd

How many website designers, SEO companies or Social Media Management companies can you have a chat with online, without a phone call?

Maybe it’s unique for web designers?

We feel we have a rather unique service where you can talk to us via instant livechat messaging, without any need for social media details, and ask us questions to get the service you need.

  • Do you want a website?
  • Do you need social media setting up and managed?
  • Is your hosting company not great and you need advice?
  • No pressure salesy stuff!

You can do all this for free, without providing ANY personal information, via a chat with us.

What we do and don’t collect

The only information we see from this end is your IP, the device you are using, and a vague location of where you are, but this can be rather inaccurate too.  We collect no private information at all.  Not until we request it from you, asking for email and maybe phone, as well as your name, so we can pursue the challenge you have for us.  That way, we can reply at a later time with a proposal or further advice.

We are really helpful in this way.  You don’t need to email us for this, just pop along to the link in the lower right corner, and have a chat!  We are really friendly, helpful, non-pushy.  Just here for you.

How many companies like us, can say the same thing, hey?

Chat soon…..

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