• 21st July 2017

University of Lincoln WordPress

University of Lincoln WordPress

University of Lincoln WordPress 950 500 79DESIGN Ltd

Sometimes you find yourself providing a service to a company or organisation that is special.   This happened recently for us at 79DESIGN.

A few months back we had a communication from the University of Lincoln; they were looking for a WordPress Trainer to head over to Lincoln to teach some staff how to use WordPress.  There were some staff who knew very little, and some who knew nothing about WordPress.

We communicated with their Secretariat, Marina, and very pleased and proud to say they recruited us to go up to Lincoln to provide the service.

Larger Onsite WordPress Training Groups

Initially it was due to be one on one with Marina who contacted us, followed by an afternoon with a larger group.  This was changed a little, so that we could provide the training to even more people in the first session, which was far better for their staff.

The first session of Onsite Training went very well.  Teaching all the basic elements of WordPress Training, from Posts to Pages, from Media to Settings.  Everything that comes with the basic setup.

After a very well catered lunch, it was the turn of eight other colleagues, without Marina present.  After introductions, we began from the very start.

It was a very enjoyable time.  To quote Marina, they found it very interesting and “inspiring”.  We find this comment extremely positive, and thank them for their hospitality, and warm welcome to the University of Lincoln.

onsite wordpress training

Image above not taken directly from event.

For more information on Onsite WordPress Training, please click here.

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