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What is your Google Ranking like? 600 337 Editor

What is your Google Ranking like?

You are likely to be reading this page either because your website ranks badly within Google Ranking, or because that term has attracted you to see how you can improve or make your website more solid.

Or maybe we are wrong and it’s none of those.  Well, let’s go down the route of your website is not performing so well, and you want your Google Ranking position to be higher.  If this is the case, you have come to the right website – the right company in fact!

At 79DESIGN we specialise in Local Search Ranking Results: meaning if you are in a local area and you want to rank better for that area, we can help you.  Put it this way – if we can be number one on Google (usually we might add!) for “Lincolnshire Web“, then we can do it for your business terms.  It just takes time.

google ranking seo services

Our first task would be to see how your website is setup.  It may have a load of fundamental problems which are causing it to rank really badly.  These can be resolved usually within your existing website setup.  However there are times when it cannot.

For example, there might be programming code within your pages that we cannot strip out, thus causing a fix to be impossible within your existing site’s setup.

Plan B: rebuild your website to something up to date, with exceedingly better coding.

We have done this on many an occasion, and even worked with some larger SEO corporations to work on client’s websites, taking instruction and raising their level to number one on Google.

google ranking

So if your website is not going so well, and business is through word of mouth – not through Google traffic – look no further than 79DESIGN for your SEO Service.  Equally if your website is currently built with WordPress, then we can help directly with WordPress SEO as well.  Just give us a call, email or, or use the livechat in the lower right corner.  We don’t do “sales pitches”.  We listen to your issues, look at your website, and make suggestions on how we can work with you to make your business better.

Call 01775894479


Contact us with your issues – let’s help you TODAY!

Rutland WordPress Training in Oakham 1024 482 Editor

Rutland WordPress Training in Oakham

We spent a splendid afternoon on Tuesday training someone who was pretty good with WordPress, though she had lost her way a little.  She had a few websites and booked us to head over to her location near Oakham to go through her various questions and concerns surrounding WordPress.

Unlike most WordPress Training companies who provide a set course – we go through the issues and questions the user has, and teach them what they want to know – not what we want to train them to use.

wordpress trainingOne on One Training

She contacted us as she needed some one-on-one training on how to do a little more advanced work, like custom CSS, SEO changes, and effective plugin use.  She had a list of things to go through, so one by one, we went thru each month to explain, or “do” what the comment was on her list.

A few key areas were in how to set rows of their particular theme to be full width.  Sadly this is not always possible.  Some themes are a little constricted to what it allows.  For example, we like to be able to add a row of say three columns.  plus content in each column, add our own amount of space between each column, and set the row to ‘full width’, so it goes virtually edge to edge on the screen.

Their theme (we shan’t mention brands or products here) didn’t allow this, or at least we could not see how to force it.  But we did show her how to use it in another way which would look possibly better.

Custom CSS in WordPress

Another area was in Custom CSS.  Most people who use WordPress websites create it with the theme, add their colours in the various Theme options, but there are times when the colour scheme does suit, such as background colours to sliders.  In this example she had black transparency, but needed it to be a dark green.  There was no option to do it, so we spent time showing her the HTML code, finding the right area, and working in theme’s custom CSS area to change it.  The final result looked very smart.

Working with someone like this is very rewarding.  They may get a little “oh my goodness, so much to learn”, but we hope they take some of it in to help them advance their knowledge in WordPress.

As we both agreed, it’s one thing to pick it up and build, it’s quite another to make it work correct, and get the SEO spot on.

If you are looking for some WordPress Training, pleaes visit our main website for details.

onsite wordpress training

lincolnshire onsite wordpress trainer
An Afternoon of Onsite WordPress Training 1024 542 Editor

An Afternoon of Onsite WordPress Training

This afternoon we provided our WordPress Training service to a local company here in Lincolnshire.  It was a great afternoon.  We met with Chloe (hi Chloe) who is a graphics specialist for this local corporation, and really knows her stuff.  But WordPress was not high on her skillset, so we were invited over there to provide support.

We had previously worked with a graduate for the company, also working on WordPress, and have since seen the website they have had made, and noticed issues.

So we are providing various services to them, along with today’s (Friday) booked training.  Having sat down and listened to understand her status with the system, we went through everything we felt was useful to them.

wordpress training

The excitement of WordPress’s capabilities

After some time, the excitement of what was possible with their photography to make the website REALLY pop became a possible reality.  We turned some sliders into a non-responsive system, to one that will be responsive, but we could both see the enormous potential of this website, and it’s other company websites too.

We hope this will happen, as it could be really exciting for this company to blow their customers away with something truly awesome.

A morning or afternoon onsite training

Our training tends to be provided in the morning or the afternoon – rarely an all day thing.  Though we have provided training to universities in split formats.  Today’s training was one-on-one for the afternoon.

If you would like Onsite WordPress Training, please visit our main training page for details.

lincolnshire wordpress solutions

foreign language websites wordpress
Foreign Language WordPress Websites 1024 576 Editor

Foreign Language WordPress Websites

It’s been one of those busy weeks where we have been doing new things – including a website to cater for multiple foreign languages.

One of our clients has a global brand, and they have had websites in Germany, Spain, Italy and France, but we are now developing one complete site for them, that encompasses all those countries in one multi-language website.

It uses a tool that creates foreign language URLs to cater for German (de), France (fr), Spain (es) and Italy (it).  It will be optimised for search engines in the various countries, so that it should, with a lot of work and time, show up well in their respective locations.

“Bonjour WordPress”

Much of the work is dynamic, meaning we don’t need to add any foreign language wording, but a lot of it does need adding, such as Titles to side bar tools, Categories, and certain product title terms (small, medium, black, blue, etc).

It’s an exciting time, but one we are turning around at some speed as well.  The domain was bought for it, and within 2 days the site was up in a ‘coming soon’ mode, and is now being developed.

wordpress logo

Stock Synchronisation

The other special feature of it, is that it will use stock from one central source, and if the stock level of that website drops, the stock level of all four countries will also drop (or rise as well).  It makes running this global website, a much easy task.

The website is created with WordPress, and a number of other plugins and tools to make it quite magical, and easy for the owners to manage it.

Foreign Website Translation

One of the big tasks in this was to convert the text.  Woocommerce has some easy methods for doing this, as certain plugins have the translated text built in.  But we have spent quite a large number of hours translating what is not included.  It’s a lot of work, but means the customer experience is fairly seamless.

university lincoln wordpress training
University of Lincoln WordPress 950 500 Editor

University of Lincoln WordPress

Just occasionally, you find yourself in a position of providing a service to a company or organisation, and you feel particularly proud to be working for them – this happened recently for us at 79DESIGN.

A few months back we had a communication from the University of Lincoln; they were looking for a WordPress Trainer to head over to Lincoln to teach some staff how to use WordPress.  There were some staff who knew very little, and some who knew nothing about WordPress.

We communicated with their Secretariat, Marina, and very pleased and proud to say they recruited us to go up to Lincoln to provide the service.

Larger Onsite WordPress Training Groups

Initially it was due to be one on one with Marina who contacted us, followed by an afternoon with a larger group.  This was changed a little, so that we could provide the training to even more people in the first session, which was far better for their staff.

The first session of Onsite Training went very well.  Teaching all the basic elements of WordPress Training, from Posts to Pages, from Media to Settings.  Everything that comes with the basic setup.

After a very well catered lunch, it was the turn of eight other colleagues, without Marina present.  After introductions, we began from the very start.

It was a very enjoyable time.  To quote Marina, they found it very interesting and “inspiring”.  We find this comment extremely positive, and thank them for their hospitality, and warm welcome to the University of Lincoln.

onsite wordpress training

Image above not taken directly from event.

For more information on Onsite WordPress Training, please click here.

Just how good is WordPress for my website? 150 150 Editor

Just how good is WordPress for my website?

We work a lot with WordPress to build websites, adapting them to suit a brand, to suit the client’s requirements, and to suit our own demands and preferences.

But just how good is WordPress, what is it, and why is it a good system to use for your website?

WordPress from our point of view is a system we host, install, and build for you.  We take the core download of WordPress, install it, and begin the work to configure the design for you – this is essentially what you are paying for, when you ask us to create your website.

Each page, depending on the design used, can look very different.  It can go from the highly corporate look, to a supremely whacky appearance!  We can create logins for your staff to edit content, but not add content.  Or to add as well as edit content.  From adding a Blog to post news, linking those posted news articles to your social media, and configuring all kinds of clever things to really make your website BUZZ!

A love of websites, using WordPress, for all

Whether you are a local church needing a simple website to show some wonderful photos, or you are a local health care organisation needing to show the reception, staff, and treatments, or a shop that wants to start selling online – all of this can be done really nicely with WordPress, and at a cost that most people feel is very admirable.  Every website is different, even WordPress, so there is no £x for site A and £x for site B.  We go through what you want in your site, and that calculates the time needed, as well as possible ‘additional tools’ to add to the website to make it work for you.

We have worked with other tools, such as Wix and Shopify, but we find WordPress to be the best, without any question or doubt.  It’s easier to manage, easier to tweak and adjust.  Most addons that are needed for specific needs, are fairly easy to come by, or are not too demanding on the finances.

We looked at Wix, but found the SEO tools to be impossible to test, to ensure a site was using the codes in the right places.  Then we found the Shopify, although easy to quickly setup a shop, the design of one, and the shipping site is very cumbersome and tricky to get right.

Wordpress is a breeze, and we have used it so many times.  This is why we also offer WordPress Training to clients who need to learn about it’s basic systems, and more advanced features.

blog html training
How proficient are you with WordPress? 1024 576 Editor

How proficient are you with WordPress?

Wordpress is a beast of a system.  It can do more things than you can imagine for your website.  With the right theme, it can look pretty amazing too.

But what about the basic things, what about Titles, SEO, adding a plugin, adjusting styling that doesn’t have a simple ‘front end’ method to change it?  Do you know how to add a theme, and what to look for when you have done it, to make it “yours”?

Is your host providing SSL, but you don’t know how to make your WordPress site SSL?

How about contact forms – have you added one or do you want to customise one,  or send the emails to a specific address?

Do you understand the difference between Pages and Posts?  How do add imagery to your library, and then use it effectively on your website?

wordpress logo

We can teach you all of this in WordPress Training, and we do it in a tailored way to your particular needs.  It’s not about “We have Course A for x, we have Course B for xx”.  You tell us what you need to learn and we will sit down with you and show you, over a period of time of your choice.

If you want various segments of times booked for your training, let’s do it.  We are here, and local in Spalding, so can come to see you in the day, or one evening.  Whatever most suits you.

Gives us a call on 01775894479, or email us on, or even use the Livechat in the lower right corner of this screen to talk about WordPress Training in the Spalding area.

website html
Working with some new WordPress theme tools 1024 486 Editor

Working with some new WordPress theme tools

In the past week we have been working hard with a new client on their ecommerce shopping platform, with WordPress.

This platform is incredibly adaptable, meaning we can put huge banners or functions anywhere we want on their website, from animated counters to show various facts and info, to testimonials, slogans icons and promotional material.

We have also had brilliant communication with the team behind the theme, to help us get the design perfect for them, and to understand the tools and what they can do for this company.

The landing pages for various categories are brilliantly manageable too, so we can put in big banners and amazing styling options for them.  It includes a blog that we can style as well, from 1, 2, 3, 4 columns of information, and whether we want to show their featured images or not.

wordpress logo

Due live within a matter of weeks, this website will knock their socks off!  Very responsive for devices, connected to their social media, and easy to ‘share’ to other social networks as well.

Working with our partners at Visual Shop, we cannot wait to show them and go live.

Wordpress website
WordPress Themes 1024 576 Editor

WordPress Themes

We are often asked about WordPress themes, how they work, if we can help install them for a client, what you need a website designer for, when you can buy themes.

The answer is fairly straightforward.  A theme is like a “skin”, like the shell of the website.  You already might have the database, the content etc, and it might be with WordPress.  Then we agree on which theme you would like, whether than be a free one, or a theme you pay for (normally £30-£70 for a theme).

Template web sites

Then we install it, and we know how to programme it to make it look how you want it to be, including the colour scheme, the fonts, and imagery.

A WordPress theme comes with default colours and fonts, but they are sometimes very easy to change, as the theme can provide some great tool with which to alter them.  But rather too often, they don’t, and you need us to enter ‘code’ to make colours just right – this is where the hard work comes in.

We check it looks right on a mobile device as well, we add the widgets the theme comes with as well as those it might not include.  Be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletter, SEO Yoast, and so on.

We work hard to make sure it looks really good.  So that the logo fits just right.  We just don’t get the theme, install, and that’s it.  We put in the hard work for you.

Above, when you chose 79DESIGN, you are in a very comfortable position.  With the knowledge that we will take care of you, and make your WordPress theme just perfect for you and your company.


Wordpress website
WordPress websites are cost effective 1024 576 Editor

WordPress websites are cost effective

We have written much about WordPress and what we do with it here on our 79DESIGN Blog but we thought we would explain how WordPress web sites are cost effective ideas.

Generally a custom web site is one we build, sometimes from a previous template we have written, but often from scratch.  Laying out everything just as we demonstrated in a screenshot.  Or indeed in a screenshot or layout you have asked us to produce.

This takes time, and therefore costs money.

wordpress logo

WordPress websites are different

WordPress is different.  Its websites are made using a core system that is pre-built.  We then find the appropriate theme – sometimes a free one, sometimes it’s a paid-for theme.  And then we spend our time tweaking it to your branding.

This also takes time – but LESS time.  Meaning your web site can be up and running quicker, and costs you less money to have 79DESIGN build it for you.

Another popular choice for some, is Wix.  It’s free.  We have seen Wix web sites, and the “backend” that’s used to edit it, but we have found that the Search Engine Optimisation tools are cumbersome, and once live, extremely different for us to go over the code with a fine-tooth-comb to ensure things are correct.  In fact, it’s partly impossible as it’s hidden.  But in WordPress we can check everything!

Also, in WordPress if something isn’t quite right (which happens a lot), then we can tweak it.  In Wix, it cannot be tweaked in the same way.

We never use Wix.  We regularly use WordPress.  And if you are after web site quickly and easily setup, but not quite sure what to do, get in touch with us.  We are here to help.