• 21st February 2019

Shop Websites – Better and More Secure

Shop Websites – Better and More Secure

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When it comes to ecommerce website design, shop websites, mail order websites…. however you want to say it, we create all manner of different types.  But what makes a really good ecommerce website design?

Security & Hosting

This is one of the highest in the list, as you are potentially spending money on that website.  So it needs to be HTTPS secure, meaning you have the lock in the address bar, and Chrome identifies it as secure.

All our websites are https secure!

As well as this level of security though, you want to be free from any potential ‘bad guys’.  So we offer a greater level of protection if you have suffered from that scenario.  These options include greater FTP security (to stop bad guys getting to your server files), and Cloudflare is also available, which helps prevent attacks.

This is seen as negative stuff, but you do have to consider it if your website has had really good traffic on it in the past.

Ease of use ecommerce platform

We use WordPress for our commerce websites.  over 59% of the World’s websites use this platform, so it’s rather popular!  It makes the process of adding products, editing categories, and managing orders so easy.  There are multiple addons you can have to make things even easier, plus we have the means to tweak codes and do custom stuff on the website.  It’s open to a great many possibilities.  It’s why, quite frankly, we love it.

ecommerce stores better and and secure

SEO Performance

If your website is new then you need everything to be in place at a time when it’s really important.  A website might rank fairly well already, but just imagine that it’s now even better.  Imagine a car that is fine, but it now has better tyres, leather seats, bigger engine, better AC, more comfy seats and so on.  This is still just a car like before, but it can do so much more in a much better more comfortable way.

So the coding is improved, meaning your online shop will actually rank even better, the customer experience is improved, and you might even feel that you can do more too.

It’s really exciting.  We love that moment when a client says to us “wow this is way better than we expected”.

seo ecommerce screenAdditional shop support

When you have a WordPress store with us, we don’t just leave you with it.  We provide a monthly account package that can help you with and include any of the following:

  • promo banner design
  • adding products
  • editing products
  • SEO configuring and monitoring
  • livechat customer features
  • extended SEO tools for website addresses

We work with all sorts of ecommerce customers, from hobbyists, aquarium and fish shops, clothing stores, even quad bike stores!  They each have their own needs and personal requirements for their websites.  But each one wants to be found on Google, and to be seen on customers phones in a clean and crisp manner.

It’s what we do.  We do it every day.  Join us.  Get a quote for your store today, or call 01775 894479 to have a friendly little chat with us.

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