• 7th July 2020

Anyone can build a website, right?

Anyone can build a website, right?

Anyone can build a website, right? 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

Let’s say you are looking at setting up a website for your business, and you see Wix or other page builders (rather than a WordPress Website Designer) that you can do. You could do it yourself, right? No? Why not…..?

Consider the implications with Google seeing it, and not understanding the right options and codes to use.

Here are some great reasons why not just anyone can build a website.

It takes a lot longer

We’ve seen examples of where someone uses these builder tools to make a website, and they prefer not to spend the money to have it done professionally within a week or two. They end up spending months, and still getting into a bit of a pickle.

If cost is absolutely paramount, consider if the website needs to be found on Google through a search for your key terms – not necessarily your company name.  Really think.  That cost should pay for itself.

Far superior SEO – are you familiar with it?

It’s so easy to use a page builder tool: pick up a text box in a particular size, such as “header one”, type in the words and look at it – “yep that’s great, let’s do another one down here”.  Before you know it, you have 4 or 5 of them, not realising (and why would you?) that using certain code that this tool generates, could be causing you great harm.


Page title: Handy Man in Skegness.
So this is the title of your homepage.  But it looks great, so you do:

Our Services.
These can be titles down the page, but because the Page title one looked good, you copied it down there.
Big mistake!  And this is why page builder tools are ok, but with SEO, they are not.

Just because that sort of cement is great to put bricks up to build a house, doesn’t mean it’s the right cement to use to put a post in the ground.  Both are cement.  Very different purposes.

wordpress seo boostIs it about doing it in-house?

We understand that many businesses want to do it all in-house, so they have fun doing it, and perhaps because SEO is not at all important.  There are many respectable reasons not to use a design company.  However, using one means the website is done correctly, first time.  No loss in Google positioning, with the knowledge that they know what they are doing.

Yes anyone can, if they put their mind to it, do it.  But is that better for your business than employing someone with 10-15 years experience in doing it?  That’s your call.

Can anyone build a responsive website?Does ‘anyone’ know where to test, and how to test?

When we build a website we check it on various browsers, as well as various sized screens.  Those who are not designers tend not to do that.  They might check their phone, but mostly it will be their main computer, and “yeah looks good”.  Not checking what happens on slightly smaller devices.

This is what we do practically every day, to ensure the website design is truly a responsive website design!

We do speed checks, and we know what the results mean, so we know where to go to fix them should there be a problem.  We’ve often taken on a website that was built elsewhere, and found poor results.  Within a few hours of work, we have brought those right up to par.  Because we know the best methods to do it.

Don’t turn your back on quality website design

It is an art, and a skill.  One that improves with age.  Like building a fence.  Technically most people can do it.  But would it survive a storm, or a child trying to climb over it.  Or hammering a nail into it to fit something to it.

Some people could.  But to have it done properly means peace of mind.  It’s solid.  It does what it is suppose to do.

A website is the same.  Websites need to be done with care and attention.  Our ‘rule of thumb’ is this: if your site doesn’t need SEO, doesn’t need to be found on Google as people know you, or they visit you from a business card – perhaps do it yourself.  Unless you really want it done really nicely.

But if you DO need to be found on Google, by your keywords (not your name), and staying there is very important….. keep considering the important facts.  Are you a website designer?

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