• 16th May 2017

Brand new Blog design goes live

Brand new Blog design goes live

Brand new Blog design goes live 1024 384 79DESIGN Ltd

We have recently been developing our Blog system, so it is easier to use, and much more modern.

New Blog Homepage

The amount of news on the front page was also important, so that is a huge benefit now too.  The design is similar to the main part of our website, and the footer is a great source of information as well.

blog featured and listings

The Livechat is still available, should you wish to get in touch ‘live’, and it looks even benefit on a mobile device now too.

Amazing new WordPress Modern Blog in Spalding

We have worked hard to make the design work with our brand of style and colours, while making it easy to use, easy to search, and above all, look great!

It uses a modern wide screen format, and the colours of the posts ‘pop’ out of the screen really nicely.
We like hearing your views on these things, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

One final thing we have got – is a Like option!  If you like a post, no need to register, just tap the Heart icon in the bottom to let us know.  Thanks.

How important is a blog?

It’s really important.  If your website is new, it’s a way of gaining pages, putting out more keywords, and posting to your social media channels.  You can do all that from a Blog.  If you have something to say, but your comment is not part of your main website, use your Blog.  We provide Blog Management within our Services; from setting up the Blog (with WordPress), to connecting it to your Social Media, through to responding to Tweets and comments.  We can help you with as little or as much as you like.

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