• 20th March 2015

Blogging themes updated

Blogging themes updated

Blogging themes updated 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

This week we have worked a lot on social media themes, with Blogs being the key upgrade.

The standard theme used for WordPress is ok, but not all that jazzy or modern. So a great many of the blogs we look after have had a revamp. From the seriously jazzy, where the images enlarge on hover, and scrolling news feeds at the top….. to the slightly more subtle yet no less information e-commerce web site blogs that need a good diary of information, dates and company news.

Working hard with external companies to get certain issues ironed out, has been a challenge, but the results are really rather cool.

Update 2020: at the time, there were not that many themes around.  So we were using themes that could match the website’s own design as closely as possible.  You would have a bespoke website, with a link through to the blog, which appeared part of it, but was in fact a different.  Nowadays, more of our websites are WordPress Designed, so they are all the same system.

wordpress blogging system

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