WordPress: Ecommerce

Want to build an online store? Build it with WordPress and take advantage of all the smart plugins and development features the platform has to offer you.

How WooCommerce and WordPress work together

Learn how to install the WooCommerce platform, add all your core business details, then start on the categories, the products and finally the front-end for the customer.  Not forgetting, how to get paid and how that part works.

Topics include:

  • Getting paid
  • Calculating shipping
  • Using WordPress or third-party platforms for ecommerce
  • Organizing your products
  • Testing and optimizing your site

Wordpress ECommerce - build a shop yourself!

Using WordPress SEO tools to develop your website

Along with many other exciting aspects of WordPress, we can show you how to install Woocommerce, setup the store, the settings and play with the various features, as well as how to find additional plugins that really work.

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