Wordpress Training:
The Media Library

The WordPress Media is packed full of things you can do, from uploading images, viewing the image’s file details and sizes, to plugins that can help optimise these image effectively, improving your SEO.

Speed Up Image Loading

Showing you the tools to speed up your image loading

Big images are bad.  Simple as that.  But if they are optimised, they can load fast, and work brilliantly on mobile devices too.  We can teach you the tools to use, and improve your image SEO.

Various Viewing Formats

Learn about the viewing layouts

As lists, as thumbnails – see which images are big and small, edit SEO tags from the Media Library, view where they are used.  Upload images quickly and easily.

Changing the size of an image used

How big are your images – change them

You can alter images, by finding them in your media library, then changing their size on Pages and Posts.  It’s really smart.

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    Use one Image in many places

    Using Images effectively throughout your website

    Alt Tags on your website are vital for SEO – but you can set a global tag, and then alter it within pages and content too.  So one image can lead to great SEO, but in different places.

    Using File Attachments

    Media Library is not just about Images

    Photos are always there, but PDF documents, Word documents and others – a research website might be full of PDF documents.  We can train you to add documents and link to them from your website.