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Thank you to Simon from 79DESIGN for the training. I requested one on one in my own setting and nothing was too much trouble. I now feel more confident and able to edit my WordPress websites thanks to his help and knowledge.Anna, CPL Marketing Manager

Cumberland Platforms Ltd

What they do
Cumberland Platforms has become the nationwide cherry picker manufacturer of choice for the UK utility, Telecoms, Arborist and Maintenance sectors.

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The Brief

Anna got in touch with us asking for Onsite WordPress Training to learn how to develop their business website, as well as another she was working on.  She had a list compiled, so the plan was to go through it stage by stage, as well as little diversions into other subjects as they came along.  By the end, she wanted to feel more confident with certain aspects of their website, as well as a little SEO advice.

Since our training, Anna said she would appreciate more WordPress Support for their website, so we now provide direct on-website support to her, remotely.  Making changes to their website, and helping the company understand the mechanics of the website more and more.

Update 2023:  Following from these works we were asked to quote for and thus build CPL a brand new website.  Anna had her own clear ideas the way she wanted it, so we developed it to these requirements.  The result is just wonderful.  Our working relationship has grown stronger as a result.

We very much enjoy providing this kind of training, as we find so many are given their company’s website and are asked to make changes, and just need that bit of knowledge to do just that.  It’s always great to receive the feedback as we go through it too.


Our Solution

WordPress Training

We provided Anna with the training, at her desk, from one complete morning, starting at 9.  Very enjoyable training.  From initial issues we could see, to also appreciate how difficult some Page Builders can be.  And in some cases, how impossible!

Google Analytics

We showed her how to install and monitoring GA from within their own website, and how to add it to other’s websites too, that she was setting up.

WordPress Support

We are now providing CPL with WordPress Support for their website, as well as other websites that they manage for clients, some of which are covered by us through this website.

In all, we sent a complete 4 hours of training, and by the end, we had covered everything in her list, and more!

Website Design for CPL

The other solution to CPL’s needs has been the launch of their brand new website.  It was decided what they had was slow, cumbersome, and lacked SEO powers.  Plus doing anything in the admin area was always a challenge because of how it was created.

We have designed something new, with clear direction, to create a more modern, clean appearance for CPL.

cpl cumberland platforms
cpl cumberland platforms

Continued Development in our CPL Relationship

We work with CPL almost every day, and we love it.  To quote Anna, the Marketing Manager: “Yes but we are on the same sentence of the same page my friend.”.

This development as been in their Electric Vehicles recently, but also their IPAF Training page, shown here on the right (or below on phones).

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