Website Transfer Services

Faster, better hosting. Ready?

We can move your hosting to our server, depending on what traffic and storage you need.  So it is custom setup for your business, to work perfectly.

We can move your website hosting to us

Our hosting is SSL secure, fully locked down system, with the fastest support around.

Always SSL hosting

UK Website Host with local Spalding support

Trying to sort out your website hosting can be a daunting task. Not seeing those who host it for you, trying to understand it all.
We will take away all the confusion and guide you to the best you can get, for the best price.  Always SSL, always fast.

Setting up your emails, managing webmail, domain email, setting up your mobile devices. Although hosting is not stored in Lincolnshire (it’s in Manchester), support is – here in Spalding.

Business Email Included

Providing email hosting too:

If you wish to keep your website where it is, but need domain email, like, we can arrange that with our Business Email Hosting services, right here in the UK.  We can also host only your website, and leave your emails where there are.  This is especially useful if you have a lot of emails on your account, and you don’t want to lose them.

So we just need to point your domain’s website to our server.  It’s quite simple, and we can manage it all for you.
Or, we can just host your website, and leave emails where they are.  Simple.