WordPress Malware Removal
Strip it clean

 Our WordPress Malware Removal service is here when the worst thing happens to your website. Sometimes it’s on the surface, sometimes it goes deeper.

From £100

Timely Support

When you need a company to act quickly, call on us. We are experts at ‘priority’.

Honest Advice

If a cleanup take just a few hours, we’ll tell you. If not, we’ll explain why.

Clean, then secure

After we run our cleanup, we will add tools to make your website much more secure.

Wordpress Malware Removal

Part of our support service

Step one: Can it be cleaned...

We use tools that can scan and clean your website for unknown files.  These are files that are not part of WordPress, and not part of your plugins.  But bear in mind, if you have plugins that are ‘paid for’, these cannot be fix.  And will require a rebuild of your website.  We can then provide full WordPress Support for your business.

Step 2: Will it require a rebuild?

This depends how deep your WordPress Malware goes – a scan will determine if it is deep, usually by how many issues are found.
If it’s just a few files, they can be replaced or deleted.  If it is 100s, then it will require a rebuild.

What we will need to run our checks

  • Full website address including login URL
  • Admin level login
  • That’s it!

What will the WordPress Malware Removal cost?

This depends solely on how deep the malware goes.  If it is surface only, then it will be around £100.  If it goes much deeper, then we will need to do the following:

  • Export all Posts and Pages
  • Install tools to export all Products and their images
  • Export all Navigation
  • Export theme settings (note not all themes have this)
  • Setup new hosting to move site.

“Getting malware or a virus on your WordPress website is the worst headache of all.  And it’s not always seen until far too late.  Providing you can still login to your website, we have the tools that can check how deep it has gone, and take quick action.”


Director, 79DESIGN


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