WordPress Security Services
Locked down. But open.

Our WordPress Security Services enable tools on your website that give you far greater peace of mind against the unknown attackers.

Around the Clock

A care package that provides around the clock care for your website.

Lookout for Attackers

Stopping enemies getting into your admin dashboard.

Prevention Measures

Some obvious, some not so obvious methods of prevention.

UK WordPress Security Service

Part of our support service

Stopping nasty 'bots'

There are ‘bots’ out there that will attack your website over and over.  Trying forms, attempting logins, and so on.  We stop them in their tracks!  It’s like 5 tries and you are blocked!

Some measures are hidden

Not all attackers are seen, so we have tools that stop attackers before they can even try it.  Based on location, or even how many times they have “had a go”.  Makes it super safe, but ‘under cover’.  If they try, and try and try….. why let them?

Google Recaptcha

This method from Google, called ‘Google Recaptcha’ is simply a Checkbox that has to be ‘checked’ before a form is processed.  This stops Bots from submitting lots of forms.  It’s a free tool, with varied methods of approach.

Brute Force Prevention

Even if you they do click the Checkbox, what’s stopping them trying over and over again to get in?  Simple answer: Us.  We add tools that controls how many times they can try.  And if they fail, they can locked out for hours.  But we can also block them at the source, so they can never try again.  This is WordPress Security at its best.  This forms part of our WordPress Support service.

Wordpress Security Hosting

A higher level of WordPress Security is our WordPress Hosting.  This has additional layers to stop attackers, plus it has increased power and performance to it.  It costs a little more, but if you need top-end security, with a system that “learns” who is trying to attack, this could be the one for you.

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“We have been using WordPress Security on our website for years.  We know it so well.  The things that work.  The things that don’t.  And the things can cause customer irritation to the point of them leaving.  It’s a balance, and we get it right.”


Director, 79DESIGN