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Bourne, Lincolnshire

We have recently had our website designed by 79Design and we love it!! Throughout the design process Simon responded to emails very quickly and gave advice & support whenever it was requested.

Simply SIPS

What they do
Simply SIPS offer a unique opportunity if you are considering making you own Garden Studio, Garden Office, Garden Room etc.

What we covered
Website Design, Website Hosting, WordPress Support, WordPress MaintenanceEmail Hosting, WordPress Training

Bourne, Lincolnshire, UK


The Brief

Emma from SimplySIPS got in touch with us directly as she had multiple issues with her existing website, the setup and management of their emails, and the service they were receiving.

Email issues

They ran emails from multiple sources, including webmail and desktop software, but it was never syncing correctly across multiple devices.  They weren’t getting the support they needed from any angle, and this in fact was a bigger problem for them, than their website.

The website

From broken links on their website, to missing images, and problems just not being resolved, their website had all manner of problems.  She and her team were looking for a local Website Design company in Lincolnshire who would be able to fix it all.  To visit their offices, checking the email setup, redesign the website to be more working and above all – working.

We are very happy to have found this company who now manage our website and host our emails. Highly recommended!!!!

Simply SIPS

Our Solution

The domain name

Our first port of call was the domain.  It needed to be moved so that we could control the DNS of everything.  At that time, it was held under an account that they had no access to control.  This was processed after some hard work, initially to our own account.  But then we rapidly moved it to an account of their own.  They own it, and now they control it.  But we do have ‘technical’ access to make changes for them.

The website design

The next job was to redesign their website, one that worked correctly.  We had ideas based on what they do, to make it a little different, and they loved it.  Using their brand colours, and additional details from Emma and her team, we came up with something fresh, and different from their competitors.  With an improved gallery, more colour, and of course, working links and all images in place!  Plus when Emma got in touch with us about anything, she was reassured of a response on the same day, or even a phone call.

Their emails

We then visited their office to go through their email issues as their setup was not quite right.  This was partly down to software, but also other factors.  We added their email accounts to our server, synced the emails.  After some housekeeping on their site to improve so many factors for them, it was all set.

We updated all the DNS, cleaned it all up, and after some initial further email accessing issues with their previous host, it was sorted!  And now, it all works beautifully.

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