Shorne Primary School

Kent Primary School

Shorne Church of England Primary School

What they do
A primary school in the heart of Kent, Shorne Church of England Primary School is member of Aletheia Academies Trust.

Aletheia is committed to sustaining high-quality schools, and supporting schools in need of specific improvement in some of the more challenging wards in Kent.

What we covered
Website Design, WordPress Support, Education Website Design

Shorne, Dartford, UK


website design for shorne kent

How it all started

Abbie from AAAT contacted us about some websites that needed redesigning.  We’ve already worked on and completed another Education website design for them, Horton Kirby to name just one.  This was part of a larger project for all these websites.

Shorne took the template we created for Horton Kirby, and editing colours, fonts and a few layouts, with assistance to Abbie for more work within the website.

Wonderful job, perfect for the school.

Abbie, Marketing Officer, Aletheia Academies Trust

Our Solution

The initial task was to copy the Horton site so we could work on it as Shorne’s website.  We were provided with the colours and fonts to use, and had to make some tweaks to work with their logo and sizing.

The fonts were taken from Google fonts, and we provided our WordPress Developer services to advance the website, and meet the school’s Branding guidelines.  The Calendar was tweaked, along with SVG code colouring and much more.

website design for shorne kent
website design for shorne kent