UK & Kenya Food Charity

NEFOS UK – Charity

What they do
A vibrant, peaceful, and resilient Kenyan communities, living in harmony with nature as stewards of the local resources, whose members are able to realize their full human potentials, collectively chart their path for development, provide for their present and future needs, and share equitably the fruits of their labors in community celebrations of life.

What we covered
Charity Website Design, WordPress Support,WordPress Hosting.

Eastbourne, East Sussex


nefos charity website design

How it all started

Grace from NEFOS got in touch with us about their website.  They had multiple issues with it, no control over content, and issues with the host and designer.  The means of donation was not very straight forward either.  Plus she wanted better control over emails, and to do it for a Charitable price.

Beautiful design, and just the most wonderful support.


Our Solution

Usually with a WordPress website, we can just migrate a site over, and rebuild.  But their old website was very poor indeed, so it was just simply to start from scratch, cleanly.  We also knew that she wanted the Donate button to be foremost on the site, on all devices.  Very quickly we know which kind of layout to adopt, but also to fully express the people involved, the homepage needed a Wow Factor – which we gave it in abundance (we hope)!

All pages were created, with improved donation methods and 100% FREE Hosting as NEFOS is a UK Registered Charity.

We checked the design was a fully Responsive Website, so all areas were easily accessible from phones and tablets, as well as genius navigation.

nefos charity website design
nefos charity website design


Benta also wanted some new stationery creating for the charity.  Our graphics wizard Fiona who did the logo, created the Business Card and Stationery ideas for Benta and Grace, and this was chosen for them to “take to the printers”.

Beautiful design, branded, with a nice watermark on the Letterhead too.

nefos stationery
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