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Janus Conservation

What they do
Historic Building Surveyors & Heritage Consultants

Thame, Oxfordshire


janus conservation

How it all started

Rupert contacted us about his website, early one morning.  It was just before we were fully “going”, so we called him back and had a chat.  His website suffered some issues.  He provided us with a secure login, and within 45 minutes we had resolved it for him.  Something he said his designer couldn’t manage for weeks.  So we felt good about that….. Nice to help.

Really wonderful, thank you.  So quick too.
Rupert, Director, Janus Conservation, Oxfordshire

Our Solution

The overall solution was to move his website to our hosting, as he had no caching and his speed was not great.  So we had it moved, switched the site over to go through Cloudflare (for easy of Nameserver change, as well as added security).  Our migration team moved him over, and within just a few days, the site is with us, safe and sound.  With future plans ongoing.

janus conservation
janus conservation
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