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Thank you for the smooth transition. Just love using 79DESIGN for our work. Seamless, easy and frankly enjoyable.Anna, Marketing Manager


What they do
Isoli is part of the Klubb group; founded in 1946, it has become in just a few years a large-scale, modern company, able to meet the needs of the industry, and active on the markets of Western and Eastern Europe, and of the Middle and Far East.

Padova, Italy


isoli italy website design

The Brief

Anna, our marketing lady in Klubb wanted to move Isoli to a new location, with future plans for the business.

In the last few months we have been working with Anna on the redesign of this website, as the old one didn’t really work well for them.  With such a such relationship we now have with Klubb and CPL, we were tasked to redesign the website, along with Anna.

Very exciting at the prospects here, with work now in Germany and today, in Italy too.  Branching outside the UK is wonderful.


Our Solution

WordPress Migration

The initial plan was to move the domain for Anna, as they want to update their marketing policies within the business. Then to move the website to our hosting platform, where Anna could safely make changes.

WordPress Website Design

We took the design we did for CPL (click here for details), and adjusted it a little for Isoli’s branding, and some requests from management, such as the colour scheme and Klubb imagery.

The design works so much better, easier to find products, enquire about products, and contact the company.

Their History

They use to have a strange separate website for their History, which didn’t really work. So that has been overhauled to be part of this website, so the branding remains intact.

isoli italy website design
isoli italy website design