Hunts Coaches

Lincolnshire Bus Company
Skegness, Lincolnshire
Hunts Coaches

We had a communication from Joe at Hunts Coaches asking about having someone over to show them how to use WordPress in a more effective manner.

He was the one who ran the website, but was having problems finding his way around.

So we booked an afternoon over there, just after lunch.  Got to their Bus Depot and worked in a small cabin alongside Joe.  We got on really well.  Found a few issues with their WordPress Theme, but we were able to show how to do things better than the way Joe was doing it.  This included the Media Library, adding photos, and managing other parts of the site in a more efficient way.

Onsite WordPress Training

The service we provided, Onsite WordPress Training, meant Joe didn’t have to leave his office.  We were able to visit him, use his computer in his environment that he is comfortable with, and show him the ropes.  Often when you have WordPress Training in a classroom, it feels very different from the ‘real world’.

It was a good day, and a lovely part of Lincolnshire to visit.

Skegness, Lincolnshire

Services Provided

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