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Barn Elms fisheries

Our partner’s CEO was asked about having a website created, and we stepped in.  We used their servers to setup hosting, and began the work using their original logo, to setup the various pages.

They had a website but it was not a Responsive Website, so we ensured the platform (WordPress) was all responsive, and worked like a dream.  We then proceeded to build them a Fishing Website Design.

The photos were all taken by our client; we built the pages, many of the layouts, the mobile responsive side, and continue to support the website.

Update 2019: We have recently upgrade many areas of the website’s SEO, as it wasn’t ranking terribly well.  With improve Image Optimisation and page Caching, we now have pushed their vital keywords so much, that they are now number 1 or 2 on Google.  This has been since 5 days of doing the job.  Their Fishing Website Design now ranks very high for their location.

They were also doing ok since it was a WordPress website, but now they rank far better.

Reading, Berkshire

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