ECommerce Website for Vaping
portfolio 123vape

A collaboration with Visual Shop Ltd

This website is one we manage and support with business associate Visual Shop Ltd.

Visual Shop was approached to setup a new website for this Vaping company, 123vape.  So we took the reigns of setting up the hosting on their server, ensuring it was SSL, then installing their licensed platform and configuring it with their logo.

The layout, and WordPress colours are all done by us.  We go through the footer area, menu, responsiveness, and installing various plugins that makes things happen.  We also help with the Woocommerce settings.

The wonderful graphics you see alas are not ours.  But they are gorgeous images.  Mark who runs the website is in a few of its videos.

We continue to support the website hosting, and the design and updates to the core parts of the website.  We do not work on the graphics.

Services Provided