Website Hosting: cost effective and managed

Our website hosting solutions are easy to setup, fully managed by us, with unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, and very fast servers, including SSL Secure hosting. All hosted right here in the UK (Manchester).

UK Based Hosting

99% of our websites are UK hosted

Unlimited Email Accounts

We can set them up, adjust storage and support

Fast Support Service

We can access the server from anywhere

Servers cared for by the best

Our hosts are the best in the business

Website Hosting with local Spalding support

Trying to sort out your website hosting can be a daunting task. Not seeing those who host it for you, trying to understand it all, do you need SSL, what is SSL?… we will take away all the confusion and guide you to the best you can get, for the best price.

SSL Website Hosting

We provide SSL hosting now to our clients.  This means SSL encryption protecting your website as well as customers when they are submitting information to you.  SSL hosting is provided from our UK based servers (we do not host abroad).  The service level is outstanding, the response times are the best, and we are always available should anything be requested of us.

Setting up your emails, managing webmail, domain email, setting up your mobile devices. Although hosting is not stored in Lincolnshire (it’s in Manchester), support is – here in Spalding.

What is ‘website hosting’?

We are sometimes asked, “what is hosting, and do I actually need it?”
Think of website hosting, as rental storage space, and hiring a system to ‘project’ it into the internet for you. Like you pay for a harddrive for your PC or even your phone, you pay for storage to host your website’s file (images, pages, database etc). Then you pay for it to be available on the internet. The ‘delivery’ of it. This is ‘website hosting’.

Hosting to the world, from the UK

Fast Servers, Fast Response