Migrate Moonfruit Website to WordPress

Goodbye Moonfruit, Hello WordPress

We can provide you with a new service move your Moonfruit website over to WordPress, providing hosting and a superior level of support.

Moving Moonfruit
to WordPress with us

Recently we have been asked about moving Moonfruit websites over to WordPress, because of the issues of Flash and design.  It’s our WordPress Migrations Service we can provide to you at a low cost, with an improved ‘back end’ design that has become popular around the World.

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Flash Player no longer works

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So we offer a service to migrate your Moonfruit website to WordPress.  This is a manual process for various reasons, but once it is moved and redesigned, the experience with be far superior.

moonfruit migration to wordpress
what can we do for your Moonfruit Migration?

Moonfruit itself has no ‘export’ feature that sends it to a CSV, plus with Flash now ‘expired’, it is manual.  But this means your ‘front end’ still works, so we can process your Moonfruit migration to WordPress by hand.  Setting up a new design with your logo and colour scheme.  Building the pages, and setting up the Commerce area if you have one.

Then we setup the categories, add some products and show you how to add and manage the result.  This keeps your costs down, and a far better user experience.
Your homepage can show your Google Analytics results (Moonfruit can’t), you can edit your own SEO areas, like Titles, Meta Descriptions and add your own images, and you can even ask your designer to edit content within the same day if you wish.

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