Migrating EKM website to WordPress

From EKM
to WordPress


We can migrate your EKM store to a new, better designed and better managed WordPress website service.  Improving your SEO, and tools available, with WordPress and Woocommerce.


Moving EKM
to WordPress

EKM is a system for which you pay monthly, but you build it yourself.  So the SEO might not be professionally done, and as such it may not perform so well.  We have come across EKM websites that are not designed so well either.

“Thank you for all your continued help, right from day one, you have been amazing! 😉

Abbie, Marketing, Althehia Schools, Kent

ekm wordpress migrations

Thankfully EKM has a great means of exporting that content, and as such, we can migrate the entire store to a better WordPress platform, setting up Shipping, Categories, the lot.  This forms part of our WordPress Migration Services.


Migrating from EKM to WordPress?

EKM is a cheap alternative to setting up your online store.  With a great many features, it is a good tool.  However, we have had clients move from EKM and migrate their website to our WordPress platform, with WooCommerce as the Shop tool.

They found their Google ranking was not terribly good, and after our Audit checks, their site just wasn’t up to par.  By providing our service of migrating EKM website to WordPress, we were able to move ALL their products and photographs over to our systems in a matter of hours, and provide a far superior website design.  Greater filters, design controls and obviously, a great user experience, as is always the case with 79DESIGN websites.

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