York Smart Homes

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York Smart Homes

What they do
Cumberland Platforms provides products to make your home a smart one, from various gadgets and gizmos, to other such smart home services.

What we covered
WordPress Support, WordPress Maintenance

Northampton, Cambridgeshire


york smart homes

The Brief

Anna from CPL (a client of ours) asked us if we could provide them with support for their client’s website.  She built it up, and did a really sterling job for them, but has some difficulties with more advanced aspects of WordPress, as well as understanding SEO.

As we already provide support to CPL, this was extended to support for York Smart Homes in Northampton, not terribly far from CPL themselves.

We love providing support for WordPress, but it’s also great fun to describe the fixes applied to sites, in a teaching capacity.  That is what we are doing in some cases, with this project.


Our Solution

WordPress Support

Various areas of support given have been in duplication of rows, custom CSS and other layout queries that weren’t obvious within their Elementor setup.  All of which have been resolved, and we continue to support.

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