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A 10 Year Relationship
Reading, Berkshire
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Having worked with Simon at 79DESIGN for over 12 years, we have come to learn that there is virtually nothing they cannot do. Speed of replies is 1st Class. Development skills are top notch, and all with a positive attitude, and friendly nature as well. Highly recommended for hosting, WordPress and their SEO knowledge.
Mark, Owner.

Website Designer for Visualshop

What can we say about Visual Shop – we have worked with this company for over 10 years, and with it’s CEO for way more than that!

Close Relationship as Visual Shop Web Designer

We have an extremely close business relationship with Mark from Visualshop, and it is a strong bond that just won’t snap.  In these years, as the Visual Shop Website Designer, we have developed a great many projects, some listed here, some not; dozens and dozens of projects, as well as reinventions of websites.  In fact a few websites listed in our Projects page here, have had perhaps 4 or 5 reincarnations.

logo visual shop

Through their leadership, forward thinking and incredibly positive mental attitude (even though the hardest times and stressful moments), we have developed some incredible stuff.

Example of one not mentioned here.  For one brand we were asked to create a new Ticketing Support system.  One where you create an account, submit a ticket, and support staff reply.  This required a huge level of planning, coding, customer thinking, and Support Staff thinking.  Without going through the entire process, the result was astonishing – to the point that the support system could ‘filter’ between the websites it supported.

Visual Shop Web Designer

We simply added another website to the system, update a little code on the hosting website, and bang, the system catered for that website too; with independent logins as well.  It was a miracle of coding, bearing in mind this was not an ‘off the shelf’ website.

We may even put this project on here, though sadly it is not available anymore, as it is run by a WordPress-built-in support system which is really smart.

We continue to work with Mark @ Visual Shop every day.  We support their website, and have in fact built versions of theirs for them, or offered our support.

Reading, Berkshire

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