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University of Lincoln

Marina from the University of Lincoln emailed various companies in the area asking for experts in WordPress.  We did of course reply and offer our services, and she duly responded.  We learnt from Marina what sort of training they needed.  How many people would be trained.

We then planned a full day of training on their Campus, training eight people in the morning, and eight people in the afternoon after a lunch they laid on.

It was a really good day.  We taught them many things, some of the real basics, but with others they wanted to learn more advanced things.

We taught them about Posts, Pages, Media Library and even SEO and the correct use of Header Tags.

We sat down individually with some of Marina’s colleagues who were struggling a little, while others were getting ahead.  We feel they all learnt a lot, and finished the day having gained a lot of information about WordPress.

Lincoln, Lincolnshire

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